23-24 March 2013
Prince George Park 5, National University of Singapore

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The only hack-meet in Singapore where the best startups engage top techies; building synergy in the day and hacking by night.
All in the name of fun.

2013 Programme

18/Mar Registrations closes
18-21/Mar Online matching
for shortlisted participants

10:00 Event Briefing
23/Mar 10:15 Speaker #1
23/Mar 11:00 Connect Sessions
23/Mar 13:00 Lunch
23/Mar 14:00 Hack Phase
24/Mar 8:00 Breakfast
24/Mar 8:30 Blitz Presentations
24/Mar 9:30 Awards; Closing.


Get straight to the startup that you want to talk to - uninterrupted. Hack with them and learn about their work culture.
Resumes are passé.

Registration Closed.


Get involved with relevant developers and build synergy with those who are interested in your startup. Share your story.
Startups are not merely booth 'showcases'.
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Speaker #1

Dr. Virginia Cha
Chief, Research & Innovation Practice
Institute of Systems Science, NUS

Speaking on "Guess what? Growth Hacking, Lean Startup, and other 21st century Silicon Valley buzz trends were invented in Asia."

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